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Sacred Geometry


5th June 2013

Metatron's CubeIt’s been a few weeks now since I updated this section and for this I make no apologies. The truth is I was following a direct instruction from the angels that followed an extraordinary experience for me and some of my students during a recent exploration of Sacred Geometry.


Currently I have put developing new groups of students on hold whilst I focus on some other projects but I still continue a maintenance program for students that have been with me for a long time. During these sessions I allow spirit to lead me in which directions we explore and when and I am always astonished by the synchronicity of the work we do.


The last section we explored was Sacred Geometry and I have to admit this was not my strong point so we embarked on the journey together with open hearts and minds, trusting the angels to guide us to the right information and practice.


I set about creating a small syllabus including the all-important Metatron’s Cube, Platonic Solids and the Flower and Fruit of Life, following it the week after with an exploration of Labyrinths and into a final week of studying and creating Mandalas.


Two days before the first class I immersed myself into the technical attributes of the Metatron Cube and began to dissect the science behind the geometry, finding my way into geometry, mathematics, Pythagoras and Plato, getting lost in the periodic table and the Newtonian style physics and though I was good at science at school, it all seemed so very far from the spirituality that I had wanted to teach the class. Known for bringing science and spirituality together to encourage the practical application of living a spiritual life, I persevered, but at the same time worried how I was ever going to make it relevant to where we aiming.


Day two and I sat down to meditate. My intention was to understand an issue occurring within my own life and therefore I had not imagined that the Sacred Geometry conundrum would be unravelled during this session and as I settled down to focus my breath I was aware of the presence of Archangel Metatron waiting patiently to begin. I was taken quite on a journey to behold and during the course of the meditation I was stripped of layers of conditioning as I travelled in the cube through time and through space without ever actually moving, back to the dawn of creation, of my creation and through the creation of every nuance and intricacy of my psyche.


I wept.


In the conversation that followed, Metatron explained that the science had alluded the to the content of the Cube being the building blocks of matter and energy and that correct use of the Cube was in fact the means to time travel. As time is not linear as we perceive it to be it is possible to effect what he termed a “Binary Reset” at any point along the path. I quizzed as to the nature of a Binary Reset. “One is God. Two, (binary), is the point where duality begins. The point where thought becomes, and is recognised as creative energy. The ones and zeros recognised within a binary language create all things cyber and it is so within the creation you call reality, known here as many things: yin and yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine etc. a binary reset takes a subject back to the point of balance where the two opposites are in perfect balance at the point of creation or innocence, before the unique “tendencies” imprinted into every soul, take effect and cause an evolutionary rollercoaster you term as your lifepath. The reset undoes your life’s conditioning to that point. It is important to recognise that only the conditioning is undone and not the accumulated knowledge, nor is the unique tendency that led you to this point.” I enquired as to what exactly that meant and Metatron replied “You have the experience but now you must make better choices. Though the “tendency” is imprinted to allow you to achieve certain predestined goals, to lure you towards certain pathways, allowing it to take control of you rather than you taking control of it will result in the same outcomes.”


In other words, the Cube gives you a clean slate, it’s up to you if you choose to replay the same story.


Masonic Hall PentagramSo why, you may ask have I been absent from my duties? Several days after the reset (which incidentally Metatron inflicted on my students the following night) Metatron returned to help me understand what was now happening to me and the 75% of the class that reported the same emotions. He said merely this “Do not attempt to fill the void. Allow life to fill it in its own time.” And a void is exactly what has occurred. There is a space where the conditioning used to live and when you don’t know how you feel about things due to your predilections being disassembled how do you make comment? So I have continued the journey and I am attempting to make better choices despite my unique tendencies… The picture here is of me recharging my batteries on some sacred Geometry in London whist on a pilgrimage a couple of weeks ago.


Jo x


Power Drain


28th April 2013


Battery BunnyI’ve recognised a really bad habit that I have. What’s worse is that I have identified that I’ve had this bad habit for so many years that I can’t even remember when it started. This bad habit is a phrase I use over and over again to describe my state of wellbeing even when it’s just to camouflage an emotion that I’d rather not share or point out. Effectively it’s become a negative mantra or an affirmation.


“I’m tired.”


When something isn’t as I would like to be and it affects my mood, if someone asks “Are you ok, Jo?” I respond with “I’m tired.” When someone truly pisses me off and I don’t want to retaliate, I simply say, “I’m tired.” When I’m in an energetically toxic environment and I need to escape I say, “I’m tired.”


That mantra, that affirmation, over many years has become the signal to my body that it’s time to shut down. Many years ago I was diagnosed with CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome comes from the same family of afflictions as ME and Fibro Myalgia in fact they are all the same issue to varying degrees just with slightly different symptoms. Most of them are brought on by stress related issues (though this is not a medical opinion you understand, just one born of experience).


So, guess what my main symptom is? Yes, that’s right “I’m tired!”


Actually the body takes the suggestion to extreme and causes exhaustion, in my case accompanied by muscular pain/tension, migraines and sleep disturbance and eventually my immune system gives up the ghost and I’m open to any virus that happens to be passing… Not too clever, eh?


For almost nine years I found myself using more positive words and creating healthier choices in my life but for some reason over the last few months I have reverted to “I’m tired.”


From here on out when I catch myself doing it, I will attempt to replace it with the absolute truth of how I’m feeling… It might not be pretty, it might not be polite, but it’s for the good of my health.


The wisdom for you all to follow is this, hiding who you are and what you truly feel drains your personal power. If you camouflage it with an alternative negative statement you will drain it faster, especially if you always use the same one. Give yourself permission to feel how you are feeling and then follow it by affirming how you want to feel.


Try this:


“You just really pissed me off! I want to feel joyful about our relationship and grateful for it, and that’s what I’m choosing.”


“This situation is unacceptable, I’m leaving now to find a place of calm and bliss because that’s what I choose.”


Try your own version, start with how you really feel and add in what you choose instead.


Allow your power drain to become your greatest teacher, when you feel the drain, move away from the cause of the pain.


Jo x

P.S. To me closest friends, if you hear me unwittingly make the statement “I’m tired,” please point it out to me and ask if it is really the case or is code for “I’m pissed off”?

Dragon's Heart


17th April 2013


Love DragonsOver the weekend I was privileged to attend a workshop with the very talented Nina Hall and partner Jerry. Any of you that frequent Mind, Body & Spirit fairs in the north of England will better know this dynamic duo as Divine Lights Aura Photography, but some of you will be aware that there is so much more to what Nina and Jerry do. One of the few people I turn to for guidance, Nina is a very talented channel and ascension teacher with a completely no-nonsense style of communicating (made even more extraordinary with her fabulously expressive Geordie accent)!


Moved of late, to a calling to the Holy Grail by Nina’s work with the Knights Templar and Mary Magdelene, they presented a talk dedicated to “Forgiveness” and also the healing of the planets ley lines and the releasement of any souls trapped by unresolved issues and indeed un-forgiveness. The talk was set in the beautiful location of Manchester’s Gorton Monastery, one of the most serene of places, where the prayers of the long since gone Franciscan Monks, still add weight to your journey towards inner peace. My own work with the Holy Grail meant that I was, under no circumstances, going to miss this opportunity to meditate with Nina, knowing as I do that she creates such powerful spaces and intentions that miracles can occur and I for one make quantum leaps in personal healing beyond the experience.


Nina brought the 21.12.12 Heart Crystal of Forgiveness to the meditation which was placed over the heart chakra of the planet at Glastonbury on the 21st Dec 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar and the time of great spiritual change for the planet, foisting us into a new era for humankind. At the workshop the giant heart-shaped rose quartz was anchored in the light by several crystal skulls placed around the room and a further powerful crystal placed over a mandala to lasso all old wounds, pain and un-forgiveness so that they could be transmuted. Then we began…


…I remember being transported by Nina’s words to Glastonbury Tor…


At a place untouched by human hand and long since forgotten far beneath the mound, lies a point where lines are crossed. The Michael and Mary Ley Lines: equidistant etherically, from Heaven and Hollow Earth and channelling some of the most powerful energy that Mother Earth can muster. Over millennia of manmade wars and suffering the lines have become polluted and drained of their essential magik and it was here on this point that I was transported. I was laid out horizontal with the back of my own heart chakra placed over the crossed lines and somewhere in the distance I could hear Nina’s voice…


“…Release any pain, any old wounds, any hurts or slights, any abuse…”


…Lying there I couldn’t logically grasp any painful notions, no old wounds, no un-forgiveness and no semblance of blame where I had spent years working on letting go and accepting responsibility for my own life and my own choices and I was wondering what my job down here was when I heard it… breath?


Out of the darkness I was aware of something coming from each of the directions – from the north and the south, from the east and west, along the ley lines towards that point where I lay, something huge and something powerful. Dragons!


An earth dragon, yellow in colour like the molten core of the Earth Mother; a fire dragon, red-orange as blood and flames; a water dragon, etheric-blue like the purest lagoon and the air dragon, green like the forest leaves that bend and sway in the gentle breeze. Each of the dragons pausing at the point where the darkness became light as something above me lit the space.


I didn’t feel afraid. Though the dragons were imposing and awesome, there was no fear, perhaps apprehension as to what was coming, but no fear. The light above me grew and became blinding as it was suddenly apparent that it was a sword, a sword made of pure light hanging above me, seemingly suspended by nothing at all, nothing but the will of the Divine, waiting for Nina…?


“…Open your heart and set free…”


“Aaaarghhhhhh!!!!!....” Just like Damocles’ Sword it fell, piercing me straight through the heart centre and lifting me into a suspended position, hanging there over the crossed energy lines, screaming and screaming and screaming…


The bit of me that was still connected with the real world was, at this point, wondering if the room, jam packed with people, could hear me screaming and if I should get myself back to consciousness, but I figured that if I was actually doing it out loud that any second now, Jerry would give me a scutch round the back of the head and all would be well!


… so here I am, sword through heart, hovering in an completely incapacitated state, wondering why it hurts so much and why am I so disconnected from the pain… then it struck me, it’s not my pain… I was transported here to channel the pain for others and to use the power of the forgiveness in the process to further cleanse the ley lines which is what the heart crystal was sent to do… the realisation of this activated the dragons who, in unison, reared up and exhaled. Fire breathing dragons – can it get any better than this? Try being the one they are breathing fire at! And I’m still screaming… Blue, red, green and yellow fire coming straight at me from the four directions, all channelled into the sword of light and where the flames met they created the most magnificent violet flame I have ever witnessed. The violet flame exploded in a shock wave of light that shot down the ley lines like a tidal wave of transmutation and the pain stopped…


The sword was gone. I was lying once again with the back of my heart chakra pressed against the heart chakra of the planet, where Mary and Michael cross and where the dragons still protect the portal. I stood up and greeted each of the dragons in turn by placing my left hand upon there smoking noses and each bowed as I did so, thanking me as I honoured them for my sacrifice to heal the whole…


Upon returning to consciousness I sat for a few moments allowing myself to gather my thoughts and as I did so Nina’s was working her magik around the room. She brought the Heart crystal that had been sitting at the front of the room throughout down towards the back of the crowd and as she approached me she paused for a minute and then placed it against the centre my back where it connected with my heart chakra. In an instant my temperature shot through the roof and my palms began to sweat, Nina knew she had to bring the crystal to me and “it” said thank you by protecting the back of my heart chakra so that I didn’t have to absorb any more pain, raising my temperature to show me that it too carries the energy of the dragons and will continue, whilst it remains the property of this beautiful soul, to cleanse the world and it’s energy grid of any fear, negativity, and low vibrations through the art of forgiveness.


In the last few days there has been a tremendous amount of seismic activity around the globe and it is my belief that the work we did at the weekend has had far reaching repercussions… the blocked energy of the planet is shifting and being released… and the dragons are awake.


If you would like to experience a meditation with Nina, contact details are available on our resources page and you can catch up with them at most BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit fairs. The BSSK website (also on our resources page) advertises which talks and workshops are at each venue so you can check when Nina and Jerry will be doing the next one.


Jo x




Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


8th April 2013


Have you ever noticed how spring brings with it a renewed optimism and sense of wonder about the world?
We start to literally see things in a new light as the stark winter sun that highlights the harsher aspects of so called reality suddenly give way to softer pastel shades and bluer skies. In effect we are waking up with Mother Nature to a whole new string of possibilities and falling in love with the idea that anything is possible, everything is beautiful and abundance is on its way.
In the annual cycle, as soon as the sun passes into Aries, it’s like my own personal alarm clock goes off. I'm a Taurus baby and so spring is my “coming alive” time. April is like getting up in the morning, having breakfast and then jumping in the shower to rinse away the sleepy months for me. Having metaphorically slept all winter, as soon as we cross into the next sign, it’s time to stand in front of the mirror and say "Good God, I'm Gorgeous!" Waking up to a whole new you is just a state of mind and I’d like it to be your April mantra… Go on say it with me as you look in the mirror “Good God, I’m Gorgeous!”
Even if you aren't a spring baby, give it a go. If I was your mirror that's what I'd be telling you every time you took a glance in my direction… I’d be saying it… “Good God, You’re Gorgeous!” There now, ready to take on the world? Of course you are.


Jo x


The Grey Area


4th April 2013


Right girls, permission to wear those baggy grey sweat pants coming up.


Grey baggy Pants

We have just spent a winter wrapped up in layer upon layer of woollies and dull shades. It’s true that now spring has truly sprung and is in fact in full swing, that many of us are reaching for the fake tan and the finer fabrics in order to get that stunning skin out where it belongs, but for many of us, we are still in late hibernation and not sure why the trend to emerge seems to be late this year.


Spiritually many of us are still shedding the final layers of old baggage that the end of 2012 demanded that we shake. It may indeed feel all too much at the moment to be the life and soul of the party or to even contemplate taking on any new projects that spring inevitably invokes.


As we have spent so much time releasing, releasing, releasing, as was the sway of things for much of the run up to the end of the 2012, and some of us more than most, you would think that now would be a time to start something new, wouldn’t you?


So come on then, how many of you keep having fabulous ideas that then keep getting thwarted? How many of you have massive plans for the year ahead but can’t seem to get going? How many of you are looking around seeing others succeeding and really wanting to have a go, but then noticing that sinking feeling in your belly at the thought of how much work it will take to even get on the runway never mind hit take off?


"Its ok girls, you are in the Grey Area!"


So what is it all about?


You are in fact running on empty. That’s great, you have worked really hard to get to this place so now except it. Empty means ready to be filled, so this grey area, this temporary stay of absence, is your necessary spiritual refuel from the heavens. The problems only start when you try to push against it. You cannot burst out of the Grey Area by force, you flow out by allowing.


Imagine being an empty cup for a moment. Now all those projects and ideas could fill the cup you might think, but the truth is, that those projects are an act of creation and creation takes energy. Yes in return they fill your life with joy and excitement but energy is a currency which flows and you have nothing in your cup to pay with. Nature abhors a vacuum and so, the universe will provide all the necessary currency if you just give it a chance to refill your cup.


This means that for now, it’s time to concentrate on you and whatever you need.  (Need, not necessarily want).


Today is a good day to spend longer in the shower, then read a good book. Maybe go for a walk in the park and sit on a bench watching the world do top speed past you on their way to something that seems so important to them. Smile and muse that you are in fact, in no hurry to get anywhere right now, other than to maintain the things that need to be done without trying to increase the load. Take yourself outside the crowd. If lunchtime at the office is manic and everyone is talking about their new projects, feel free to step outside and breathe in the air. Smile to yourself as you remember, it’s all about you right now. The energy is flowing in and you don’t have to participate until there is enough.


So how can you support yourself through this Grey Area?


Well first of all recognise that you are not on your own. There are countless numbers of us usually go-getting type goddesses who are in this phase right now and so take heart in a whole movement of girls across the country in grey sweat pants all feeling like you are feeling, me included. (Guess what I’m wearing whilst writing this). Next job is to follow your guidance, so take a moment to explore what your body is telling you.


Do you want to just sit and stare at the wall to see if it blinks first? Do it!


Do you want to eat chocolate or detox with a salad and juices? Do it!


Do you just want to stay in and clean the house this weekend or go out for a posh coffee? Do it!


None of it is important of course, so if you decide that those choices seem like hard work then don’t do it. That’s the point… Do what you want.


Now spiritually and energetically there are some other support systems to help refuel the cup at a steady flow and then to keep it constantly filling thereafter so that you don’t become depleted again.


Follow these practical steps refuel:


·         Match those grey baggies with a soft pink fleecy jumper.


Pink promotes self-love and nurturing and it turns vibrations coming towards to a gentler and slower pace. It inspires us towards self-care and also softens the actions of others who subconsciously react to the colour with a softer tone, more tact, diplomacy and delicacy. It also promotes cuddles. Yes cuddles! Being cuddled is actually scientifically proven to release feel good hormones into the bloodstream, thus refuelling the cup at a greater rate. Not only does pink promote cuddles but the fleecy texture is so tactile that it encourages physical contact. Warning though girls, if you want to encourage your man to cuddle you in a sexy way, this isn’t it. He will instinctively want to protect you as it displays your vulnerable side not your passion.


·         Call on the Ascended Master: Lady Nada


Her name means “void, silence, nothingness, stillness, emptiness” and her soft pink energy can help support you to move through this phase with grace and also with a sense of accomplishment and achievement. She will guide you to use the stillness to your advantage and to embrace the time to address your own karmic balance.  Her message to you: “For now child, you have done enough. Allow me to guide you through the complex inner space of becoming before you emerge into a brand new, brighter you. It is here in your silence and allowing that new worlds are gestated and seeds of a brilliant future are sown. Dream dreams of tomorrow but, be content to enjoy today. For now child, you are enough.”


·         Call on the Goddess, Sige


The Gnostic Goddess – Sige can also help with embracing the void or silence and if you call upon her before you go to bed at night she can help you make the most of your sleep. Helping to dispel restless nights and aid recovery and recharge time. She can also help you to clear your schedule to allow you to have more quiet time. As she is also said to be the Mother of the Goddess Sophia (goddess of wisdom) its stands to reason that you will emerge wiser for the break or retreat.


·         Practice Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is a slower more meditative form of yoga that helps you to become physically more flexible whilst at the same time encouraging acceptance without really trying to change what you might be feeling.  You might say it’s the ultimate in the physical aspect of the art of allowing. There are teachers up and down the country and the good news is: grey sweat pants are perfect for yoga!


·         Rainbow Shower


This is an easy one. Whilst standing in the shower, (I mentioned earlier that you should indulge in an extended version of your usual cleansing ritual), visualise the water as it hits your head or crown chakra and see it in your mind’s eye, running down the central column of light in your body, passing through each chakra as it does so. As it passes through your crown chakra visualise a violet goblet and see the water fill it up until it overflows. Allow the over flowing water to begin filling an indigo coloured goblet situated in your midbrain or third eye area, as this one fills up and over flows it fills the royal blue cup in your throat and so on down through the green heart, yellow solar plexus, orange sacral and eventually filling the base chakra. The base chakra is usually red, but for today, we are allowing the water to infuse all the colours of the rainbow within its droplets to create pure white light which in turn pacifies the raging red into that delicate, nurturing pink. Visualise the goblet at the base chakra as being 7 times bigger than the other chakras, allowing extra time for it to fill up and overflow. This excess pink hued water as it’s spilling over, now flows back to, and nourishes Mother Earth as she nourishes you.


Keep repeating these processes until one morning really soon, you wake up and reach for the rainbow in your wardrobe, resigning the grey joggers to the “so, last season” charity bag!


Give thanks… They’ve done their job.


yin and yang

All about the Grey:


This is an amazing under-appreciated amalgamation of the purest white and the blackest black. Grey is a colour that helps you admit “I don’t know yet.” It embraces your right to take the “third choice” the choice not to choose at all. Where yin meets yang, it admits that there is more to come but we do not have the resources to achieve it here in this moment. Giving in to the current state of play with grace, we allow the universe to catch up and provide what we need. This colour is also a place to be inconspicuous while you wait. It encourages blending in and hiding in plain sight. Many corporate uniforms are grey which allows you to only see the face of the company and not the individual so it allows that individual’s personality and at certain times, vulnerability, to remain hidden.


Similarly a grey sky shows that the planet is on the verge of something. Is the sun about to shine or a storm about to clear the air? Either way if you accept that it is what is, the sun will peak through in no time at all and you will be “in the pink” for real.


Jo x


Identity Theft


2nd April 2013


I was doing a reading with a faerie oracle a few days ago when I came across the card known as The Thief. He is an extraordinarily beautiful looking fellow and is quite sure to steal your heart and your time. At the time I wasn’t sure who he was referring to in my own life and so I allowed myself to accept his presence and wait for the universe to give me a clue.


A few days on and several appointments later and a pattern has emerged among my friends and clients, especially the girls: we are all in danger of losing our identities to our relationships!


Let me explain. What did you want to be when you grew up? Have you achieved it or did you give it up for love? For children? For anybody else?


Most of us girls are in danger of what we are now calling “The Cinderella Effect.” This is the process of losing our dreams and ambitions to those around us that we deem more worthy than ourselves. Usually it starts when Prince Charming comes along “to make all our dreams come true,” but the truth is, he is focused on making his dreams come true and we either fall in line or fall by the wayside. It takes a very special kind of woman to maintain her independence and her identity whilst walking beside a strong, ambitious man and girls let me tell you, that to keep him you have to keep her!


My advice is to always maintain the things that make you whole, whether you are in a relationship or not. Be who you are meant to be, all you are meant to be, live your life to your full potential and remind him why he chose you in the first place.


Cinderella, you are a goddess in your own right (even if you are still peeling spuds to feed your man).  


Jo x

Pick A Card, Any Card


Oct 2011

The art of tarot reading is an ancient one and one I have been lucky enough to master. It’s a very accurate way of tracking what is going on in your life and determining the path forward, but don’t ask me to tell your fortune… we leave that to the seaside “gypsies.”


Its an important tool for helping people find their way through the situations that life brings but if a reader starts off by saying you will meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger, you’ve got to ask yourself “What is it I’m paying for here?”


That is not to say of course, that the cards can’t tell you that because they can, but it’s not going be very helpful to you if you let the last three tall, dark, handsome strangers get away… that’s the issue you should be looking at. Finding ‘em doesn’t seem to be the problem, it’s getting ‘em to stick around!


A reading should look at your history and your present situation before it starts making predictions about your future and then any good reader should tell you how to change it so you create the future you actually want rather than the one you are most likely to end up with if you carry on down your current path.


I always find it really disappointing when clients come back to me and say “absolutely everything you said would happen, did!” Of course it’s reassuring for them that you know what you are talking about… but of course it also means that they didn’t listen to a word of the advice you gave them on how to avoid the situation!


If this sounds like the experience you have had then here is my advice: the first time you have a reading, by all means see if it all comes true, but the second time you go back and say “it all happened, can I have another reading?” You’ve tested your reader so now start listening!


Love and Many Blessings


Jo x