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The Game-Changer


23rd July 2013

Zeus Holding Perseus Clay Chess PieceThere are points in life where you might be coasting along quite nicely enjoying the ride when all of a sudden something occurs that turns your whole world on its head. Remember in the original “Clash of the Titans” film, near the beginning of the story when Perseus has just grown into a fine young man and is blissfully happy living on an island with his mother, running, fishing, expecting tomorrow to be just as uncomplicated. He lies down in the great outdoors to enjoy a nap in the sunshine and the next thing he knows is that he is waking up in a foreign land in an unknown, apparently abandoned and seemingly haunted amphitheatre with absolutely no concept of how he arrived! To the rest of us out here watching the film unfold we have witnessed the hand of Zeus lift his clay chess piece counterpart from his place of slumber and place him gently into a new arena where he will be challenged to the core in facing his oncoming destiny, but to poor Perseus… Shit!


In real life of course this does happen (maybe not Zeus picking you up and dropping you across the sea but stick with me for a minute or two). Game-changers are events or people that knock you down with a feather so to speak and when you meet a game-changer all of your familiar reference points are about to be irrevocably altered and the proverbial rug pulled out from under your feet.


Imaging if you will any one of the following list: The sudden death of a loved one, Finding your lover in bed with your best friend, Your house being struck by lightning (apt for this morning’s thunder storm I thought), How about being told you have cancer, Getting made redundant? Oh they don’t always have to be negative so don’t expect the worst, what about these: Your first child being born, Winning the lottery... These things are all Game-Changers because they put you in your own unfamiliar amphitheatre alongside Perseus.


Without warning you are thrust into a new life that was not of your design and are about to be challenged to the core to survive. Your territory or landscape has shifted and you don’t have a map to this new land. So let’s say you just won the lottery, (I’m choosing this one because it’s something we all dream of), what is it really going to mean to you?  Ok so you are going to spend a few moments now dreaming of all the things you are going to do and buy but I want you to look at how it’s going to change your life as well, what about the fact that you might have to move house? Your neighbours will be different and your environment, your kids will have to change schools and make new friends. Then let’s look at how others treat you, you are now “new money” so you won’t be instantly accepted into the jet-set because you didn’t work for it and it’s considered vulgar. You don’t belong with your old friends because once the initial celebrations are over you really don’t have the same issues and dilemmas that they do anymore so you can’t relate and drift apart. Rivalry and envy starts to rear its ugly head and accelerates the process. At the same time you seem to be making new friends but can you trust that they want to know you or are they after what you can give them? See what I mean – Game changer! It sounds like I’m being negative about a positive happening but far from it. Because the truth is that whether the ‘event’ appears positive or negative is really unimportant because in actuality it is an opportunity for you to grow and to create a whole new set of amazing realities for yourself just because it has jolted you out of complacency and invited you into a whole new adventure where you have the magical chance of achieving mastery.


No, my purpose today is to give you some tools to survive the game change before you start on your new adventure.


So, our hero, Perseus: Now waking up in his amphitheatre and there is a haunting voice coming from a floating golden mask hovering in the shadows “Who are you?” it beseeches menacingly… well I don’t know about you but if I was Perseus at this point I would have soiled my loin cloth! “Who are you?” it goes again and this time he catches sight of something not quite right… turns out it's one of the players holding a prop from one of the age old plays engaging in some theatrics to scare him away. Fear based reactions might have caused Perseus to crumble but instead he befriended the old guy and got him to become his guide to this new and strange land so far from home. So what can you do when Zeus picks your arse up and drops you in never-never land?


Here are three steps to surviving the disappearing rug trick:


Step 1: Assess your survival needs

No matter how bad things are (or seem) you always need just three things to physically survive, so look to establish these first: i) are you in immediate physical danger or under threat? If the answer is yes, why are you reading this? Call 999 (or 911 if you are in the US) and defend yourself, get to safety if you can! If of course the answer is no, then you have just found the first thing to be grateful for! ii) Do you have adequate shelter from the elements, i.e. a home, a friend’s house or other refuge? If the answer is no, in order to be reading this you have internet access so Google SHELTER and ask for their help right now! If of course the answer is yes, hey presto! something else to be grateful for. iii) Do you have sustenance, i.e. food and water? Of course when you are in shock, it’s usually the last thing on your mind but it’s important to support your body through major change even if it’s just sweet tea. If you don’t have access to food and water because, like Perseus, you have no clue where you are and where the nearest McDonalds is then once you know you are safe you need to forage your surroundings. (In everyday terms that might actually mean the fridge or if in true dire circumstances Google free local soup kitchens).


Step 2: Assess your new environment and assets

This is a salvage operation and you need to grasp really quickly what you have left. And what local resources are available to you. So having won the lottery you might want to know what help is available by way of financial advice, you might want to get a reading on who your loyal friends are and what security you need in place to protect yourself, your family etc. For Perseus, he found a new friend and guide who gave him the lie of the land and local knowledge and then he found extraordinary gifts from the gods to help him, a sword, shield and helmet to ready him for his new adventure, so what do you have left and don’t forget that wisdom and experience are some of your best assets. This is also a time of rest and observing before you take any action, you need to recover from the shock whether it was a good one or a bad one doesn’t matter… give yourself time.


Step 3: Make a new plan

Don’t be tempted to do the autopsy; you know, what happened? What went wrong? How did I get here? Though they are all valid questions, at this stage they are unhelpful and they tempt us into clambering back to where we started. Game-changers are gifts of a divine nature however hard they may seem and life is supposed to be a forward motion, propelling you toward your destiny and highest potential so leave the accident investigation unit to one side for now. Besides, the wisdom and blessings are usually only visible in hindsight unless you are really well versed in this business so its time now to make a new plan and start the first few steps of the next part of the journey. Along these first few steps you will begin to understand what you can no longer carry on this next leg of the way and naturally start to allow other things to drop away. Burdens that you have held onto like other peoples issues and opinions, material baggage that isn’t relevant to your new circumstances  and it’s ok to start offloading these things (even if they are people, remember you are not meant to be in some people’s lives forever and it’s ok to let go). As your new plan starts to take shape, you can gradually pick up momentum toward new bigger goals and instead of rebuilding an old lifestyle, let you imagination go wild in creating a whole new world for yourself, one where you are the hero who slays the titans and gets the girl (or boy) at the end.


Remember, Divine Will may have changed the game and the players but the lead character is always you. If you were watching your life story on film, would you have changed the channel by now? If that’s the case then don’t be surprised if the hand of God (or Zeus even) reaches for the remote and you find yourself no longer residing in Coronation Street and instead washed up on Danger Island or in an episode of CSI!


Jo x

Hard Labour


14th July 2013


Some days it’s just too much to get your head around the incessant noise involved in thinking. No really, have you ever actually listened to yourself?


Every morning when I jump in the shower I visualise what I call my “Power Sphere.” It’s a kind of sphere of protection and counsel made up of heavenly beings: I call in Archangel Michael to stand in front of me, Archangel Azrael behind me, (these two powerful angels are my BFF’s and so their positions never change), then I ask whichever energy I need for the day to take up position to my right, to my left, below me as a foundation and above me as my highest connection.


A couple of weeks ago I was asking the angels for help with some minor issues and concerns I had and I was struggling to hear their guidance. When I called upon my highest connection I heard a very clear voice with a low, booming tone and a very commanding nature “Stop talking and listen!” I knew this was a direct message from Source and its immediate effect was to stop me in my tracks. Everything went silent. Hang on a minute I wasn’t talking and the only noise was the water running in the shower… It suddenly occurred to me just how noisy my thoughts had become. Every relevant question I asked in my head was drowned out by a cacophony of opinions and counter-opinions, every response that spirit provided was lost in the melee. I was running my own internal commentary and it had become so loud that it was hardly any wonder that I couldn’t sort out what was going on. God came through loud and clear though – I stopped the chatter.


This morning when I awoke, I found myself questioning some decisions I had made and second-guessing myself with regard to which way to go next and it took me a good few minutes to recognise the familiar playground that was happening inside my head… I stopped asking questions and got busy with some mundane tasks. Scrub the bathroom, change the beds, do the laundry, push the vacuum around… before you know it inspiration strikes and bob’s your uncle, (literally in my case).


If you were to ask my soon-to-be ex-husband, he would tell you that I have my most potent epiphanies whilst cleaning the bath, to the extent he used to dread it because a new venture would normally follow shortly afterward.


The moral of this story is: if the answer won’t come, if you are worried, anxious, unsure or confused then get busy with some practical, physical, hard labour. You might not have an epiphany but you will shut your gremlins up long enough for it to not be so urgent to find an answer. Who knows, you might even realise that it was never really an issue in the first place!


Jo x

Project Goddess


10th July 2013

Painted toesWhat makes you feel really sexy?


This is the time of year where we are all getting it out and putting it on display and there can be immense pressure if you don’t get into the right frame of mind about who you are and what it is that you love about yourself.


Being a big girl (and starting my career many years ago as a fashion designer) means that a bikini is absolutely out of the question for me… Why, why, why would I put so much pressure on myself? So I don’t!


For me, the chance to portray the divine feminine aspect of me is the best way to feel sexy and as I tend to spend most of the year in jeans and t-shirts (or jersey yoga pants), getting out a pretty dress and one of my ever growing handbag collection is right on cue. The biggest game-changer in how I feel about myself though is so much simpler than that. It’s all about my toes! I love my feet and really think they are one of my best features. So a pedicure, bright coloured nail varnish and some stunning sandals are all it takes for me to get my Goddess on.


So whilst we have the sunshine girls, this week is “Project Goddess!”


What’s your favourite bit of you? (Keep it clean, we don’t want anyone getting arrested)… I challenge you to “Get Your Goddess On” by treating, beautifying and flaunting your favourite bits.


Redefine sexy your own way, whatever you think about your flaws trust me, you are gorgeous!


Look out boys, here we come!


Jo x


Ps. just in case you were wondering, those aren't my toes... mine come with a natural all year round tan! x

The Amusement Arcade


16th June 2013


Vegas SignI was very privileged last Friday evening, during a gathering with some of my students to become the impromptu channel for the Ascended Master, Lord Sanat Kumara.


Having had a rough couple of days where nothing appeared to be transforming for me in certain areas of my life and as a result I was truly spoiling for a fight with someone I care very deeply for, as if it was his fault in fac. I had based the evening’s gathering on the idea of “A crisis of faith.” Yes, even those of us who teach this stuff occasionally get bogged down in the low vibrational aspects of the illusion of reality and start to think that the very thing that saved us from that low vibration in the first place (i.e. embracing the connection to Source) is complete and utter bollocks and I had gotten myself almost to that stage by trying to force something to happen that wasn’t yet fully formed.


We started the evening by doing a full light-building session, which we hadn’t done in while, choosing instead to make-do with a meditative version of light-building due to limited space available. As we were a much smaller group than usual we did the full version complete with the physical exercises that activate and align the chakras. Goodness me, I was so stiff I could hardly manage the easy movements that I was so used to, it made me wonder where else in my life I was still being so rigid and inflexible. The result of the full light-building was liberating, to a standard I realised I missed and I promised myself instantly that I would get back into my disciplined routine so that I could maintain my own high vibration.


Later in the evening after some discussion and invoking the Archangels and Ascended Masters to join us, the answers to my questions, as well as to those present came. I’m not about to transcribe the session for you as it was very personal and poignant but what I can tell you is this:


I’m the one who isn’t ready. That being said, I was also guaranteed that the goal I have set for my self is pretty much like my French Lessons (see this week’s miracle): about to be delivered. There is only one road ahead of me and if I keep driving straight forward into my proverbial night, then the destination is already assured. I, like so many others am given to falling into the trap of distraction, whether by the opinions of others or the misdirection and sparkle of the illusionary world we call reality. In allowing myself to get distracted, I forget about the road in front of me and stop off at the ‘amusement arcade’ until it drains me of all my coins and my ability to recognise that those coins (or energy in this case) are/is abundant and never in short supply.


Sanat Kumara used the analogy of night to describe to us the unknown or the future and he also asked me not to look back at the sunrise (or that which has already been illuminated, i.e. the past) as it would be just another amusement arcade to invest and get lost in.


this dark road, it’s easy to see the neon signs that lure you from the path. The tiny quiet voice that keeps saying “straight ahead” is often drowned out by the Vegas-style jangle of the slots and the flashing lights, we often hear in our friend’s advice. I’m not suggesting you stop listening to your friends but consider this, it’s your journey and they have their own dark road travel. If you shine like a bright beacon, then your friends will want you to keep fast to their path so that they can see the way regardless how far it takes you from your destination.


That tiny voice is you and if you listen hard enough it will keep you going straight… you never know you might even hear one of God’s messengers pulling you out of the arcade.


So, my connection back intact, my destination assured… when I’m ready!


Jo x

The Day After The Night Before.


6th May 2013


Birthday CandlesHaving just passed through another milestone, otherwise known as a birthday, it seemed like a good time to reflect. I set myself a goal last year. It was a big birthday for me in 2012, reaching 40 the year the planet was set to ascend and so it was important that everything changed for me in the that year. I didn’t demand it be so, I just knew that was how it would be. I expected to achieve lots of stuff and have loads to show for it but my perception was really off.


What actually happened for me was I spent the year letting go. Letting go of material things, people, relationships, concepts, flawed ideas, places, even out-dated opinions of who I really am and what it is I do. It wasn’t an easy year for me but it was one of the most memorable. Sure, I started a few proverbial stones rolling along the way and planted a few seeds as I went but they all needed the obstacles shifting to roll smoothly and the weeds pulling to grow strong and that was the unintentional and yet effective path of the whole year, regardless of the expectation.


WOW! I had no idea how exhilarating and exciting it would be. How stressful and terrifying it would be. How liberating and life altering it would be. How different life would look just one year on.


This year my perception is a little less clouded. Oh, I’m still fully focused on those seeds and rolling stones but I have recaptured something I haven’t seen for a long time, childlike awe and wonder. I have no idea what this year is going to bring, I have no expectations, hopes, yes; dreams, yes, but no expectations. I have decided to spend this year believing. Believing in miracles, believing in destiny and in that inner voice calling me on toward my most perfect outpouring of whatever the Great Way deems to be mine.


So once the celebrations and distractions of the day had occurred it was my only task to be grateful. Gratitude opens the heart centre and allows the universe to deliver. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let go and let God.


Don’t wait for your birthday, don’t wait for the day after the night before, let go, make way, give thanks and allow the miracle to unfold. The year ahead may not be what you expect, at the time it may not be what you want, but I guarantee you, it will be exactly what you need (it can’t be anything else).


Life is a never ending source of wonder, so stop for a moment and appreciate it, the good, the bad, the ironic and the down-right ludicrous.


Jo x