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Sound Asleep


28th April 2013


Tuning ForksThis miracle was reported back to me by my housemate a few days ago after she had awoken in the middle of the night to “pay a visit” and heard some very loud and discordant Om’s coming from my room!


Those of you that have been reading the everyday miracles, or have received my newsletter of late will be aware that I have been a little bit poorly. You might be pleased to know that I’m on the mend and that is thanks to among other things, this weird occurrence.


Earlier in the evening I had been very aware of a high level of tension in my kidney area and mid to lower back, it doesn’t surprise me as this is where your adrenals are situated and I have a leaning towards being a stress-head. The stress hormone cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands. Anyway, when I got into bed I decided to do a meditation to help heal myself and so called upon the archangels to guide me towards the healthiest version of myself and to help me to increase my wellbeing.


As I drifted off into meditation I was aware of someone standing at the bottom of my bed and holding a tuning fork. As the tuning fork was struck the most amazing sound filled the room and he placed its base against the underside of the heel of my left foot, this amazing sensation of a vibration flooded up my leg and through my body I could even feel my heart and ears vibrating. He struck another tuning fork and placed it to the side of my left knee, this time the sound was of a slightly higher pitch and I could feel the vibration deep into my skeleton… I was starting to get the idea so I asked the presence if I could experiment with the tuning forks to find the exact match to my kidneys and adrenals, he nodded and continued to work on the heel of my foot which worked with my soft tissue and the side of my knee which seemed to correspond to the bone structure. I picked up a tuning fork or two and began to strike them and place them in turn against my back at the level of my sacral chakra but for several attempts I couldn’t get the correct frequency…


Back in the outside world I had actually fallen fast asleep and was singing the frequencies very loudly as I slept… I sounded discordant because I kept swapping pitch as I swapped forks to find the right one!


The good news is that it worked! My cortisol levels are much lower and I feel less stressed and as for my kidney area… tension dissipated.


So, I’m not a sound therapist and I wouldn’t know which tuning fork did what in my waking state but through trial and error I sang my way to wellbeing whilst I slept.


To my housemate: How cool was that?

To my neighbours: Sorry!


Jo x

Joanne Almighty


25th April 2013


Morgan FreemanI’m trying to get into the habit of writing you a mini miracle every week, but I have to tell you it’s not that easy, mainly because I don’t make them up, I wait for them to come along and as soon as I recognise them I write them down for you. The thing is, depending on my state of mind at any one time kind of governs how fast I actually recognise that a miracle just occurred. Remember, miracles are happening all around us, at every point of the day but to find one that is extraordinary in nature and yet still very simple is a complete paradox because the word miracle means extraordinary in nature and yet the nature of a miracle is recognise the extraordinary in the ordinary! Confused? Don’t be, it’s quite simple. Here I’m looking at things that happen just at the right time, when we aren’t expecting them, synchronicities, that and the sometimes improbable way in which they occur.


So, this week has been really testing, (actually downright gut-wrenchingly traumatic), it’s easy to lose your way when something really knocks you off your game and this has been one of those weeks. Early on in the week I received some news that was very upsetting and I was all but ready to just sit and ball my eyes out. (Never let anyone tell you that a spiritual teacher has got it all “together.” The truth is that we are just as messed up as the next person, we just find a way to turn the negative into a positive and then show others how to do it too… we find the miracle). Anyway, I’m sat in the living room, head in hands, in a moment of complete surrender and I say out loud amidst the tears, “Angels, I need a miracle!”


20 minutes later my lodger walks into the house carrying a magazine open on a specific page. There on the page was the smiling face of Morgan Freeman! Now those of you that know me also know that I refer to Morgan Freeman as “God,” not because I in anyway assume that his powers as an actor are such to warrant such a prestigious title but simply because of his propensity to play such an illustrious part on a semi regular basis in certain Hollywood blockbusters.


There is a certain character within my own life, who positively scoffs at the idea of us putting a human face on an indescribable and ubiquitous presence that we attribute the name God (among many other names) to, but even this esteemed teacher has at times referred to an anthropomorphised version of the Creator. To me, it is far easier to interact with something/someone with a face and a voice for the purpose of making friends with and communicating with. So Morgan Freeman is my version of God’s face and do you know what? I don’t think God minds at all!


So God just appeared in my living room right after I asked Him for help! From deep despair to belly laughing in 0.3 seconds!


A couple of hours later, having forgotten the irony by this time and slumped back into a bit of a fog, I announced to my lodger that I just wasn’t going to get up the next day and that I would wallow in my own self-pity just because I could at least for one day. Her immediate response was “Oh no you won’t, you have a game plan and stuff to achieve.” Now I’m not good with being told what to do and the fact that she was standing over the picture of “God” at the time meant nothing to me so I simply replied in a very childish mode, “It’s my game plan and I can change it if I want to.” I left it at that…


8.30am the next day and my phone is ringing. A friend of mine is in a pickle with some artwork that needs submitting by lunchtime and she knows I know how to do it. At this point I'm forced to drag my bum out of bed and get on with it. She had to go out to several appointments whilst I was sorting it and would be back later. Then once the technical stuff was sorted I finally got around to taking a nice long shower, she arrived back and cooked us a late lunch. She then disappeared 20 mins before my lodger arrived home and then… Needless to say I never had a minute to myself to wallow or to stay in bed or to think about what I was sad about. God had decided I had to just get over it! My day’s ridiculously busy nature was topped off by a friend who I hadn’t seen for months, calling round with her husband and daughter and I was then subsequently treated to a dance lesson (Gangnam Style, or whatever it’s called) by the 5 year old, resulting in my belly laughing once again.


So the mini miracle (which turned out to be rather momentous) was that, I cried for help, God showed up, and then when I forgot how amazing that was, he sent a whole host of earth angels to kick me up the backside and remember, that for every fall there are a million wings waiting to pick you up.


Today, “God” is still in my living room and I have had another day of many visitors and distractions. I have managed to help a few, heal a few, sort out their technical issues and their emotional ones and in all that time, God keeps reminding me, “The door might have just closed, but did you hear anyone lock it?”


So, business as usual then?


Jo x

Heart and Soul


17th April 2013


Rose Quartz HeartIt’s been a tough week so far, really tired and still partially living in my “Grey Area” (see Wisdom and Guidance page), I have been forced to stop and rest and take notice of my body’s needs perhaps slightly more noticeably than usual. What never ceases to amaze me though is how connected we all are.


A very beautiful friend of mine, who lives some 170 miles away, seems to just know. I have on the odd occasion, accused him of setting up cameras in my living room due to his uncanny knack of being in tune with exactly what I’m feeling.


Being an amazing spiritual guru, he writes his wisdom regularly for all to read and benefit from and I have been blown away this week by how totally synchronistic his guidance has been regardless of the little contact we have had. His sense of timing is (annoyingly) precise. If it was just a one off it would be spooky or uncanny but there is more to it than that. His sensitivity is to the energy of the moment and not just to me. What I am going through at any one time is inherent within the peaks and troughs that are occurring globally and even universally as we grope our way in the dark through this thing we call life.


I do have a tendency to throw him a curve ball just once in a while to stop him from disappearing in a big puff of light, by proving he is human and therefore fallible but my mini miracle this week is my heart and soul connection with the most beautiful person on the planet. Long may he continue to guide us when we lose our way…


Jo x


Herbal Nightmare


8th April 2013


ChervilA few nights ago I woke in the middle of the night having had a really bad dream about my puppies being in a fire, (actually fully grown mature dogs now with the exception of one, but they will always be puppies to me). As I woke I clearly heard the word “Chervil” being spoken in my ear and a clear image of the green herb.

It was the weirdest sensation and as I am really not fond of anything with a liquorice flavour it certainly wouldn’t be high on my list of culinary ingredients but I quickly wrote it down on my writing pad by the bed and then set about trying to determine the cause of my bad dream. The next day I met with the lovely Angie for a coffee and decided to hit the bookshop to find a book about herbs to quench my inquisitive mind. You’re never going to guess what Chervil is used for… Bad dreams and burns!

So not only would it sort out my bad dream but also if my doggies were unfortunate enough to suffer such a fate, (God forbid), it would sort out the damage as well!

Now as for the miracle, you pick: The voice in my ear shouting the word “Chervil” or the properties of the herb itself, which is it to be?


Jo x


PS. The puppies are fine.


Bring Mama Nature In


2nd April 2013

Many of us find it difficult in our busy lives to take time out to smell the flowers. To take a walk out in nature or even to get out of the busy office to see the sky is a luxury that in this fast paced society would be considered to be frivolity that one can ill afford, but do you know how important it is?


Fresh air helps to calm the mind, as we instinctively breathe deeper when we experience it. Slowing the breathe down helps to slow the heart rate and the mind follows, relieving stress, enabling clarity of thought and so it aids productivity. As you remove yourself from the high voltage environment of the electronic office, whether that be your laptop at home or a multi-storey conglomerate in the city, you also remove yourself from the flattening effects of electro-magnetic radiation produced by the gadgets we love to surround ourselves with.


If you, like so many others are restricted to a half hour lunch break, and it’s not even possible to reach the ground floor of your office block, never mind get outside (and eat), then why not bring the outdoors in?


fluorite merkabah crystal


Placing Fluorite crystals around your desk area helps to counteract the damaging effects that the computer has on your aura and bringing in a potted flowering plant helps to clean up the recycled air by infusing fresh oxygen. If you choose your plant for its fragrance, its aromatherapy value can help to lift your mood too.




potted flowering plant


So for the sake of a potted plant and a small crystal you can save your aura, clean up your environment and give yourself a mood boost. Did I mention that they look beautiful too? If that’s not a mini miracle I don’t know what is!  



Jo x

Synchronicity v Coincidence


Oct 2011 


You know that feeling when you absolutely know you have to ring your mum, and at that precise moment the phone rings and it’s her? Well is that synchronicity or is it coincidence?


Well lets first establish what the difference is. Synchronicity is a concept used in many spiritual teachings and it refers to seemingly random events happening together to make you aware of something much bigger out there or somebody watching over you. It is the idea of being in the right place at the right time for the right things to happen. Like being last in the queue for your lottery scratch card and that’s the only one that wins! Like missing the bus to work because the postman made you stop to sign something and then having to wait for the next one just as it’s starting to rain… only to realise later that the one you missed had broken down and you past it on route, complete with it‘s soggy passengers standing waiting for the next one (yours of course is full by this point and doesn‘t stop for them)…


Like when you and your new bloke say the exact same thing at the exact same time and then you go “OMG that’s so spooky” he on the other hand being a sceptic merely says “Interesting coincidence”… don’t you just love ‘em eh?


Anyway being always one step ahead, as us girls have to be, I looked up coincidence in the dictionary. The pre fix “co” means together or at the same time, and the word incident means happening or occurrence. So let me just get this straight, coincidence means happening or occurring together or at the same time, right? So that means that synchronicity is exactly the same thing as coincidence


Yes boys, it’s just a coincidence… spooky though innit?


Love and Many Blessings


Jo x