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Thunder and Lightning


23rd July 2013

Lightening BoltWhat a wonderful surprise it was this morning to wake up to the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance. The car alarm that triggered every time there was a crack was less pleasant to the ears but I found it easy to focus on the awesomeness of Mother Nature shifting the static after a week of high temperatures and baking conditions.


I was most concerned with the state of the garden in the heat, as it had become apparent that though a beautiful flower needs the sun to thrive and blossom, too much sunshine is a harsh element that can damage the delicacy of the tender petals given no respite. Sometimes a storm is exactly what is needed to clear the air and get things growing again.


I have a bit of a fear of loud bangs and flashing lights, hence I try to stay away from firework displays but the low rumble in the distance was a reassuring sound that for now the drought is behind us and glorious colour is about to bloom again. Not to mention storms often bring rainbows as an added bonus.


So then, miracles and blessings all round!


Jo x

Blind as a Bat


14th July 2013

Flying batI was back out at the beautiful Haddon Hall in Derbyshire last night to enjoy their “Proms in the Garden” annual event. It’s the first time I personally have attended the event and wasn’t sure of the level of “Pomp and Circumstance” to expect but I was overjoyed to be greeted by a whole host of light hearted fun and frolics, from a Kazoo band playing a rendition of The Muppets “Manah-Manah” to the aerobatic “kamikaze” display! The most fascinating part of the evening for me though was the wondrous natural phenomena that seemed to enjoy the event with us. There were of course the obligatory midges and mozzies, the swallows were back on mass and trying to determine why their breeding grounds had been overrun with folks in posh frocks but my attention was transfixed on the numerous tiny bats that were intent on exploring the scene just after dusk.


Those tiny little flying mammals, even at full pelt towards your head, never fail to turn at precisely the right moment despite being damn near blind. Yes we know the sciency-bit about the sonar and what-have-you but just consider it for a minute: You, driving your car at 60mph, with your eyes shut! That’s the equivalent (ish). I bet that kamikaze pilot wished he could turn quite so fast… now that would be a miracle… I guess we still have some catching up to do with Mother Nature.


It just set me thinking about how we are all flying blind in one way or another and that’s why recognising the miracles is so important: they remind us that even if we can’t see what’s ahead, someone up there has this chaos under control.


Jo x

The Flight of the Navigator


10th July 2013


Swallow in flightI spent a wonderful day at Haddon Hall last week. It’s a medieval and Tudor manor house near Bakewell in Derbyshire (UK) where the gardens are so exquisite that I found myself feeling inspired and relaxed by the sheer beauty of the setting.


After partaking of the fresh baked (still warm) scones in the café we entered the main house’s courtyard and headed for the family chapel. I had been looking forward to the chapel as places of worship of any kind usually have a very serene and comforting nature due to the echo of the prayers of generations of people communing with the Great Spirit but I was struck as I entered by something even more miraculous.


It didn’t actually occur to me at the time how marvellous it was though I was truly fascinated by the television screen set up outside the chapel door. It was switched off at the time but a note was by it, stating simply that it was linked to the camera above our heads pointing directly at a currently unoccupied swallow’s nest. It went onto say that swallows are migratory and return to the same nests year after year having travelled over 8000 mile round trip to South Africa for the winter.


Four days later and back at home in South Yorkshire I was brushing my teeth at the bathroom basin when I noticed a bit of a kafuffle outside the window in front of me. Suddenly I remembered the terrible mess we had to clean up last year when a large group of swallows took up residence in the eaves of our roof. They had returned home to roost! This year though I have chosen to overlook the accumulating bird poo on the bathroom windowsill until such time as they have reared their young and I can hose it down without disturbing them and instead, opted to revel at the incredible journey they undertook to get back to Sheffield… all without the aid of Sat Nav: WOW!


It gives me renewed belief in my ability to make it home no matter how far I travel, (wherever I decide home should be in the future).


Jo x


Ps. If you happen to be visiting me in the next few weeks (or indeed Haddon Hall as I'm sure they have returned there too by now), look past the "pebbledashed" window ledge and admire the miracle!

The French Connection


16th June 2013


Eiffel TowerWe hear masses today about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, to the extent in fact that most of us are now thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yawn!” that being the case I just wanted to share with you a little miracle of manifestation that I experienced lately.


I couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to learn French. Don’t ask me why at this stage, but it’s all part of the greater plan and an urge toward the new and expanding my horizons. The point is that, though I have some very basic schoolgirl skills with the language, I always got caught up in the grammar and the masculine and feminine behind the nouns to the point where I gave up on it early on and I would now like to revisit it as an adult.


Fixated on how and where I was going to learn conversational French, a friend and I started surfing the net for local classes and courses, etc. To my disappointment I was met with a list of local tutors (at a cost of an hourly rate that matched the price of a ticket to Paris), French clubs (where the only language spoken was French, which is a bit much if you only have a few basic reference points) and adult learning courses at the local college which meant structured timetables (not exactly fitting around my commitments). Not wanting to give up we started to google online courses and Rosetta Stone-style learn it yourself kits and cd’s. OMG! How does £700 grab you? (By the short and curlies if your budget is anything like mine).


I put the computer away and decided to ask the universe to find me a suitable solution if learning French as part of my master plan was actually for my greatest good and then I went to bed and promptly forgot about it.


The next day, I was on a mission to find a small gift box for a special pressie I had bought for a friend’s birthday and I couldn’t find one anywhere, this beautiful angelic figure I had purchased was so delicate that not having the right box could mean it being damaged before delivery and nobody locally sold small enough decorative boxes… they were all too big. In a last-ditch attempt to find what I needed I headed into my favourite discount bookstore that I knew sold gifts and stationery. Complete wasted journey, I thought, finally giving up the search for the box and turning my attention to how I could be more creative in the wrapping process to protect the angel. Oh well whilst I’m here I might as well have a look at the spiritual books or the ‘spooky section’ as I like to call it…


You have got to be shitting me!


There next to the yoga and the herbal remedy books was a box – just one, on its own, completely out of place and out of context with the words “Teach Yourself French” pasted across it! Well I stood there and laughed out loud at the completely ludicrous synchronicity and I swear the whole shop was looking at me funny. Having picked the box up I began to read the information: From Beginner to level 4, learn to speak, read and write in French at your own speed, fully illustrated workbook and CD’s included in the kit to take you up to A level standard - and the best bit - £9.99 was the discounted price tag!


So you see, this manifesting lark is easy if you let go and let flow… now I just have to get busy learning!


Allez, À tout à l’heure…


Jo x

The Inner Temple


5th June 2013


Just as a follow on from this week’s Wisdom and Guidance article, I thought I would let you know a little miracle that occurred on my mini pilgrimage to London on Spring Bank HolidayTemple Church weekend. The purpose of the trip was multi-dimensional; first and foremost it was for love. Yes, amour or at the very least the pursuit of the promise of it but we won’t dwell there. Next the intention was to explore the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival at Earls Court, to meet some new people and network etc. But the rest of the weekend was a quest. The Quest! As you are aware I am working on The Holy Grail at the moment and not just as a piece of work to present to you, but also as a living, breathing practical part of my own life, so it was a real pilgrimage for me to go off and find those who trod the path before, those of myth and legend as well as historic figure whose names have been synonymous with the Grail in whatever context that may be. In this particular case The Knights Templar.


It was fun to walk around London noticing the symbology that exists everywhere within the city, that many never even notice is there, understanding the magic and intent behind many of the secret symbols and sigils carved into the architecture was fascinating in itself. For me though, the miracle came during our attempt to arrive at the Inner Temple and Temple Church. Not hard you might think as this place, made more famous thanks to Tom Hanks and Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, is on the tourist’s maps and located just off Fleet Street. Yeah but you try getting to it when all the gates are locked and bolted! As a result we found ourselves walking miles around in a labyrinth style maze of alleys and quiet courtyards ever turning left down stone steps and between high stone walls. The whole point of the Labyrinth is to find faith and yourself along the way and many who attempt to walk through the key to the psyche lose their way at the crucial point and the irony was not lost on me when Lindsay (my companion on the quest) uttered the words, “We’re never gonna find it!”


Against the clock as we were, the signs saying it was only open to the public between 2 Temple Churchand 4pm and it was fast approaching 3 o’clock we turned the last corner having not given up, to be greeted with this beautiful old building with carvings of Pegasus apparent everywhere. Just as we arrived, the weather vane on the top of the church changed direction, from True North to West. It didn’t spin and then settle as you would expect when the wind blows and then changes it just very gently moved to its new position, the significance becoming apparent to me when I began to read Collette Baron-Reid’s “The Map” on my way home.


Once inside the church I felt like I had come home, there were no crowds and no fuss, just a few people milling around. I stood under the centre of the Sepulchre and invoked grace. As I felt imbued with the energy of spirit entering my crown I wandered down the other end of the church, found a pew and began meditating. I was joined there by my old friend Archangel Azrael and forty minutes later I had complete understanding of my circumstances and the Grail (my Grail) was fully installed in my heart-centre. I was moved at that moment to write a poem and send it to someone special and it was at this point that Lindsay arrived with a very excited look on her face trying desperately to get my attention and yet not disturb me. She had captured on her camera a picture of the most magnificent and ginormous orb above the exact spot where I had invoked grace and she was beside herself with excitement. (If I could work out how to get the picture off her camera I would post it here for you, but alas I’m at a loss.The picture above is of the lovely lindsay kneeling by the 1st Earl of Pembroke who was an original Templar Knight).


All these thing s are of course miracles in their own right but the biggest miracle for me was the coming home I felt there. I am a Yorkshire Lass through and through, to the point in fact, that if you cut me in half you would probably find a white rose running through my centre. Though I always love visiting London I have always been very vocal about the fact that I like coming home better. I could never before see myself living in the big smoke and I avoid crowded locations even when at home within Sheffield. This pilgrimage though, forced me into doing something I’ve never really done in London before, walking! It sounds crazy but every time I visit I get where I want to be by tube, it saves me getting lost (which I’m really good at). This time though I walked miles and miles and found some beautiful places right in the heart of the busiest city in the country and not only that, I felt a feeling of being home at several points on my pilgrimage. I can hear my Great Grandad, (a true cockney born within the sound of Bow Bells) saying it now: “About time!” The miracle therefore to me, is knowing that I can make a home anywhere – a true mark of the Holy Grail.

Jo x


Living Art


6th May 2013


DreamscapeI love the idea of creating a dream board, but the reality for me, always seemed a bit passé as everyone was doing it. The dream board being a focus for your manifesting of whatever it is you want.


Over the weekend, as part of my commitment to doing some business (and life) planning, I finally got around to creating mine. The experience itself was so incredibly joyful, as I have always enjoyed artistic creative things, making things beautiful, that I decided not just to rip out pictures and pin them to a corkboard but to actually take the time to commit my ideas to canvas in creating a piece of art. Art that would become a living testament to my dreams.


The theme was to depict the things that I most want in my life whilst giving thanks for the things that I have, and I made a point of being mindful and fully conscious of everything I put onto the board, not just because of what it represented but of exactly how it made me feel. I spent ages finding the right pictures, captions and representations, respectfully cutting, tearing and placing them onto the huge canvas… several hours later and the board was full. The world had gone dark around me, I realised I hadn’t eaten and it was time to stop. I placed the board carefully onto the kitchen table so that it could undergo the gluing process the next morning and I stood back and admired my work.


On Sunday morning I was eager to start sticking everything down so that my creation was secure and I imagined that the glue itself was the stabilising force of the universe making my dreams manifest. I adorned the whole canvas with bejewelled embellishments and carefully painted in spirals and streamers with acrylics to signify the creative vortices spinning my dreams into reality and the celebratory party poppers of gratitude as each item arrived into my life. The last thing I did was to initial the piece, just like signing an order form before you place your order and then after a short drying time it took up pride of place on my bedroom wall.


Being a colour therapist, my room is filled with colourful things and so it almost felt like it was the finishing touch to the room.


Of course you are asking by now “What’s the miracle?”


That was yesterday. This morning I received notification that the first item on my board, the item upon which several of the others depends, is about to arrive!


Thank you, universe.


(no, I’m not showing you a photo… it’s my dream board – make your own!)


Jo x



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