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The Mask


13th September 2013


Theatrical MasksSo here, paint on

The masks you wear,

Les’t should be discovered

The secrets you bear.

Guardst thou enigma

Mark well thy disguise,

‘Til one sees the truth

That hides behind your eyes.


By Jo Jerodene ©1998


I wrote that poem for a friend of mine in 1998. It has been given to many people since that date and I continue to deliver it every time I reach a point in a relationship where “I see you.”


We do it unconsciously for the most part, we wear it as a protective barrier against being hurt, keeping our true essence under wraps as a tightly held secret for fear that it might be rejected and deemed to be hideous or insidious. I’m usually the opposite and I give away too much too soon, but the way I see it is, if you can see ‘Me’ and you don’t run for the hills then we can probably go the distance as friends, lovers, companions or whatever the universe has in store for us. It’s not that I let my guard down its more that I allow you a glimpse of the fact that under the all the knowledge, wisdom and guidance and even spiritual claptrap, I’m just as fucked up, flawed and inevitably fallible as the rest of the world: I’m human.


Today I’m publishing this poem on the website in honour of another beautifully flawed soul, especially for his birthday. I don’t know if he will like it, I don’t even know if he will see it but it’s just to say… I see ‘You’


The miracle for me today is how we ever manage to relate to others in the first place with all the pretence and gameplay.


Take off your mask today and let someone special see who you are, regardless of how vulnerable that makes you… trust yourself… recognise how much power there is in vulnerability. A mask doesn’t just shield your face, it shields your heart… you will only ever live half a life unless you uncover it.


A fully open heart – now that’s a miracle!


Jo x

A Shower of Miracles


3rd September 2013

Shower headImagine for a moment that you are enjoying a lovely long shower, contemplating the day ahead, when all of a sudden you are joined in real time by a presence… Archangel Michael is no stranger to my shower as I call upon him and Archangel Azrael every morning to complete what I call my “Power Sphere.” It’s kind of like a general assembly of guards and advisors to see me through the day, giving me an energetic heads up of what might be impending. On one particular morning last week though, Archangel Michael came with a short and concise message: “You will receive a package today. That package will be everything!” No further information came but I understood the enormity of the gift to be delivered and waited with anticipation…


All day I expected the postman and nothing came…


By teatime I had just about forgotten the whole thing and was preparing to teach a class from home. I went to wash my hands at the kitchen sink only to find that the water had no pressure and within seconds dribbled to a halt! My house mate (and student) arrived home at that point only to exclaim that as she got out of the car she heard the neighbour say that the man she had hired to build her a new fence had dug down too deep and gone straight through the water main! Oh that’s just lovely I thought, expecting the rest of my students anytime now…


I went out to the neighbour and asked what had happened and her poor startled face looked straight back at me and said “Oh no! Has yours gone off as well?” I asked if she had called the water company and explained that I was expecting guests so it was a bit inconvenient and she did her best to reassure me that it was all in hand because the handyman was going to fix it and it would be about 20 minutes. Hearing this I returned to the house and was thankful that my class was only a very small group and the students for the evening were all women, (obviously toilet arrangements were of a concern).


An hour and a half later during a class break, I wandered outside to enquire why the 20 minutes had past several times over and still no water… “I’ve been to buy the right parts and now it should be 20 mins” replied the handyman (er… yeah right?). Halfway through the second half of class there was a loud knock at the door, “Joanne, he can’t get the part to fit. I’ve called the water company but they can’t fix it until the morning. They are delivering some bottled water to get us through and I will bring you a share of what they deliver!”


Ok so now the enormity hits me, no drinking water, no toilet flush, nothing to cook in, no washing facilities (remember a few articles ago I mentioned a hand-washing obsession?)… One of the girls had a large bottle of spring water in the car and went immediately to retrieve it for us and as class came to a close, my neighbour knocked again… this time carrying a large package of bottled water… and Michael’s words came flooding back!


I am ashamed of how much I take for granted and when the water company fixed the problem the next morning I was sure to say a prayer of gratitude, right before I ‘humbly’ jumped in the shower and revelled in the miracle of running water!


Jo x

Cornflower Blue and a Memory of You


27th August 2013

Wildflower GardenI’ve had a strange couple of weeks where I seem to have been doing and yet getting nothing done, in light of this I decided to put my focus elsewhere for a few days to refuel the little grey cells and breathe in a different environment.


On Sunday I went to a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair and was surrounded by friends and familiar faces from the industry (which seems an inappropriate word for something that’s supposed to be about the opposite of industry but it has, due to demand, become a bit of a machine). I enjoyed a day of catching up with old friends and making new ones but the one thing I was struck by was this sense of being stuck. Not just me but the whole world. There was a kind of restlessness about the place, of a whole new batch of discoverers asking questions, but the previous batch refusing to take responsibility for handing on the baton.


Many of the exhibitors were conscious of the fact that they were answering the same questions that they were asked for the last 5 years and that the same faces were standing waiting for the answers along with the new people they had brought along. Not that they were complaining about repeat custom you understand but it was almost frustrating in terms of evolution. It made me think about what we hand down and the way in which we do it.


When a parent brings a child into the world they are responsible for instilling that new soul with all the knowledge and skills that they have learned and nurturing them to find new knowledge and skills of their own, always along the way encouraging expansion. Then when that child becomes an adult they are charged with the task of teaching their own children and developing their inherent talents whilst introducing new ones. At this stage, the now grandparent, augments the learning not just with lessons and knowledge but with history, experience and stories: wisdom. Instead though, it feels almost like we have become lazy and given these beautiful new souls straight to the grandparents to teach and then sat down beside them to be spoon-fed again. (Or worse, we abandoned them altogether and went off to find another adventure giving up responsibility altogether!) It’s almost as if we are afraid of getting it wrong and so we don’t even try…

I bet you are wondering at this stage if I’m ever going to get around to the miracle… Well yesterday, the day after the MBS was Bank Holiday Monday and still hell-bent on recharging the soul, a friend and I went off to visit a beautiful site in Derbyshire, not 20 mins from where I live. In the midst of some of the most idyllic gardens in the country I was stunned into silence by a wildflower garden that was in full bloom. My attention was drawn back into a distant memory of my Nan (maternal grandmother) due to the array of cornflowers interspersed with dynamic shades of ever hue: my Nan and I shared connection and a memory of cornflower blue that was just ours, it didn’t apply to any of her other grandchildren and so I spent a few moments thinking about her and also making the connection that all these wild flowers self-seed and the new flowers will create flowers of their own next year, handing down the genetic blueprint and also allowing evolution to create new versions through adaptation and learning. That’s still not the miracle though, the miracle is that I looked at the calendar this morning and saw that it’s 27th August… My Nan’s birthday! She’d be 96 today if we had lost her 19 years ago, but nothing is ever truly lost… I remembered when I saw the cornflowers.


Thanks for the wisdom, Nan (and the white hair… I kept it natural just as you asked).


Jo x

Last Mortal Words


15th August 2013

Jesus Christ“Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” If we are to believe the stories, these were the last mortal word of Jesus Christ. Could you do it?


Let’s just say for instance that someone you know and love did something to you that was so heinous in your eyes that you were shocked and rocked to your very core… could you forgive them?


I have a fabulous deck of oracle cards from Hawaii in my bathroom. Everybody that nips up to loo comes back down asking me what a card means, as they have sneaked a quick reading whilst in situe.  There is one particular card in the deck called Kala which is a lovely picture of a surgeon fish rising through the ocean currents towards the light. The “Kala” in Hawaii is also the name given to “The freeing ceremony” which is the act of forgiveness and sets free both the forgiver and the forgivee from the “Hala” which is the “wrong doing.” The surgeon fish has a long sharp barb or spike near its tail located behind the caudal fin and a Hawaiian proverb goes “Mālama i ke kala, ka i’a hi ’u ‘oi” It means watch out for the Kala, the fish with the sharp tail and warns of the chance that someone is holding a grudge against you. The idea of the ceremony is to metaphorically cut off the spike so that both parties may be free of the wrongdoing or debt and allowed to move forward harmoniously either apart or together.


Forgiveness is a huge deal for all of us in our journey toward inner peace as the alternative, anger and resentment just wells up inside of you and eats away at your innate joy of living. Just think of all those bitter people you have come across in your life that you just can’t stand to be around.

Forgiving a person or a wrongdoing doesn’t mean that you condone the act or the outcome, but it does mean that you accept that the perpetrator is human and therefore fallible. Setting yourself free is a fundamental part of forgiveness and is crucial in reclaiming your power. Many people will tell you that true forgiveness comes from the heart but the truth is that you carry unforgiveness in your entire body, each of your chakras has a particular resonance to the holding of an outworn emotion that blocks its energy and begins to shut you down from the inside out so, if you are quick to anger, be quicker to forgive. Perform your own version of the Kala today and allow yourself to be blessed by the miracle of freedom.


So now the big question… could I do what JC did and forgive? Well I’m not really one to hold a grudge to be honest, it does nobody any favours. I have usually forgiven within a few hours of the incident long before any of my friends let go of the slight, but let’s not think for a minute that I’m a saint (I’m still working on it). As for my last mortal words?… Anyone that knows me would tell you it’ll probably be an “F” word… but I’m not sure that it will be “Forgive.” (wink!)


Jo x

There’s no getting away from it


6th August 2013

Giant Granite BoulderFor about 2 weeks now I have been encountering a huge boulder in my meditations/visualisations. Now I know that this is symbolic of an obstacle and so I have been working with it to establish what that obstacle represents in my own life. I have walked all the way around it, sat on top of it, tried to smash it with a hammer, I’ve even sung to it but it just won’t budge.   The thing is that the boulder isn’t in the way it, rather it just seems that I can only get so far away from it and wherever I go it is still with me, it’s more like an anchor than an obstacle.


Why is it a miracle? Well in itself it isn’t but on Sunday morning I had just been discussing it with a friend before I headed out shopping and whilst perusing the bookstore I came across a book entitled “Nine ways to walk around a boulder” and I just had to buy it! I’m looking forward to reading it to see if the miracle continues and it actually has the answer I’m looking for.


It made my friend laugh when she saw it anyway!


Jo x

Inside Out


29th July 2013

Tummy ache cartoonDid it ever occur to you that what is going on in your life is directly reflected in your body and vice versa? A few years ago I had a real problem with my feet. I mean it was so bad that I could hardly walk as the skeletal structure of my arches were literally collapsing. When I take a look at what was going on in my life at the time it makes perfect sense. I was struggling to move forward and the position I was in workwise was based on a shaky foundation and the bottom was falling out of my business! Just this last week I found myself afflicted with digestive problems as I was faced with the external reality of major upheaval to my life’s story and I was having problems assimilating the new shift in circumstance. I was having trouble digesting the new information.


Its brilliant isn’t it? Have a think about what ails you at the moment and turn it “Inside Out.”  What’s your body trying to tell you about your life… It might just give you a tremendous heads up as to where in life to focus your attention.


Jo x


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